The Adventures of Sancho Panza at Llanover Hall Arts Centre by Theatre in Wales

Michael Kelligan reviewed The Adventures of Sancho Panza for Theatre in Wales at Llanover Hall Arts Centre, Cardiff on Thursday 4th October 2012.

"Sancho Panza, that well-known sidekick to Don Quixote, “The Ingenious Gentleman of Le Mancha”, was introduced to the world back in the seventeenth century by the early novelist Miguel de Cervantes. The success of the story and its presentations in so many different forms is a much greater achievement than that of its erstwhile, so called hero, captivated here so comically elegantly by Gareth Wyn Griffiths. Whilst his servant, the star of this performance may get his master out of the difficult adventures that beset them, the relationship between them is not quite what you might expect. In fact the banter that flows so quickly between servant and master brings us more in mind of a Vic Reeves comedy show than a Spanish romance with Gareth Clark showing a remarkable understanding of comic timing."

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