Interview with Gareth Clark

A few minutes with Sancho Panza himself, Gareth Clark

Writer of The Adventures of Sancho Panza, Glenys Evans, chatted to our very own Sancho, Gareth Clark. Here’s what he had to say about the show, the 2012 team and the life of an actor:

Gareth Clark as Sancho Panza. Photograph by Simon Gough PhotographyHow many plays have you been in?
Loads. I’m in the Odyssey one and this one - Sancho.

Gareth on working with director, James Williams…
I’ve worked with James a lot now. He did Old Hands and Full Circle with Nick Wayland-Evans. He does warm up exercise and voices as well. I think he does everything, James does.

Gareth on Gaynor Lougher (Ensemble)…
She’s in The Adventures of Sancho Panza, ok, as my mum. She does Odyssey as well, the Christmas play. Now she’s doing this.

Gareth on Maxwell James (Ensemble)…
Max is on the guitar. He has a very good voice. Oh yeah.

Gareth on Andrew Tadd (Ensemble)…
He is very very good. In the show he’s got a big nose.

Gareth on Gareth Wyn Griffiths (Don Quixote)…
He’s a good laugh. Don’t tell him that now.

Gareth on the audiences…
Loads of people will be seeing it. They’ll watch and clap.

Gareth on the actor’s life…
I’ve got an interview; I’m in the paper now. The team work as well. I’m a real actor and I will be a famous person one day, with the team as well.

Have you enjoyed this experience?
Oh yes, ay.

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