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Unity Approaches
7/06/13Unity Approaches

As the Unity Festival approaches there have been some great previews in the Western Mail and the South Wales Echo so if you'd like to find out more about Unity then take a look.

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Unity Volunteers
8/05/13Unity Volunteers

It's fun being at the Unity Festival, but it's even more fun being a part of it!

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Gaynor Lougher Chats to
23/04/13Gaynor Lougher Chats to chat to Gaynor Lougher live on air!

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In Memory of Kenneth Bert Harding
22/04/13In Memory of Kenneth Bert Harding

Thank you to the family and friends of Kenneth Bert Harding who have made generous donations to Hijinx Theatre in his memory.

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Meet Team Sancho
9/04/13Meet Team Sancho

Yesterday the 2013 touring team for The Adventures of Sancho Panza all came together for the first time.

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Hijinx Welcomes a New Executive Director
4/04/13Hijinx Welcomes a New Executive Director

Hijinx Theatre are delighted to announce that we have appointed Clare Williams as our new Executive Director.

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Sancho Auditions, Round Two
15/03/13Sancho Auditions, Round Two

We will be holding a second round of auditions to find an actor/singer/guitarist for our tour of The Adventures of Sancho Panza.

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8/01/13Grassroots and the Hijinx Academy Flashmob Collaboration

Watch the video of the Grassroots and Hijinx Academy Flashmob Collaboration.

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20/12/12Complicite Confirmed for February Residency!

Complicite tutor Joyce Henderson will join us again for a week of workshops called Clowning in the Real World

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Ockham Razor Residency Confirmed
10/12/12Ockham Razor Residency Confirmed

Join us for a week long workshop with aerial experts Ockham's Razor

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Interview with Whispers on the Waves co-director, Gaynor Lougher
7/12/12Interview with Whispers on the Waves co-director, Gaynor Lougher

Find out what Gaynor Lougher had to say about Odyssey's production of Whispers on the Waves.

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John Wright Residency Confirmed
5/12/12John Wright Residency Confirmed

We're excited to announce that acclaimed theatre maker John Wright will be joining us as part of our Hijinx Residencies.

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Newyddion Diweddaraf
Theatr Hijinx ym Maes Awyr Caerdydd diolch i ganfed buddsoddiad Celfyddydau & Busnes Cymru

Mae menter a fydd yn gweld staff ym Maes Awyr Caerdydd yn cael eu hyfforddi gan actorion sydd ag anableddau dysgu er mwyn datblygu eu sgiliau cyfathrebu yw'r canfed prosiect i elwa o chwistrelliad o arian gan raglen CultureStep Celfyddydau & Busnes (C&B) Cymru.

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Llwyddiant elusen theatr Cymraeg gydag arloesi prosiect anabledd dysgu yn Lesotho

Cymerodd y cwmni theatr Hijinx, grŵp o actorion a staff anabl dysgu ar daith ar hyd Lesotho rhwng y 10-25 Chwefror, gyda phrosiect perfformiad o'r enw Able to Act.

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Elusen theatr Gymreig yn lansio prosiect anableddau dysgu arloesol yn Lesotho

Mae'r cwmni theatre Hijinx yn cymryd grŵp o actorion a staff dysgu i fynd ar daith yng nghefn gwlad Lesotho rhwng 10 a 25 Chwefror, mewn prosiect perfformio arloesol o'r enw Able to Act.

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