The Invisibles

Director: Ben Pettitt-Wade
Assistant Director: Denni Dennis
Performers: Various

The Invisibles was a participatory project, leading to performance. Over an intensive training and rehearsal week practitioners from Hijinx Theatre would work with a group of up to 20 performers in creating this performance.

Where is Harry Lime? The Invisibles is a pastiche of the film noir classic The Third Man. An audience is welcomed into the Mozart Café in Vienne by two miserable waiters. After some time spent ordering schnitzels which never arrive, one by one, the café is infiltrated by suspicious characters all dressed identically, all claiming to be Harry Lime. Their cover is blown with the appearance of the biggest, pinkest, suitcase, which in-fact contains the real Harry Lime. A show in which the audience form part of the backdrop to the performance, and featuring Groucho masks, spying newspapers, bad dubbing and a final twist to die for.

We performed this piece with our own Odyssey group at Unity 2011 and Wales Millennium Centre Open Day in 2011.

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